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Our customer manufactures and markets robotic products designed to improve clinical outcomes of patients through minimally invasive surgery. Majority of our customer's consumers are hospitals and clinics.

Mobility Project on SAP CRM

No of Roll out Sites worldwide : 8

No of Fiori Apps : 6         

SAP System : SAP CRM with SAP Gateway

No of Pilot Users : 200     

Devices : iOS & Android smartphones

Application : SAP Fiori powered by Neptune Software

Surgical Robot Manufacturer

Project Background


Our Customer manufactures and markets robotic products designed to improve clinical outcomes of patients through minimally invasive surgery. A majority of their customers are hospitals and clinics.

Fields Service Order

  • All information for a Field Service order like Customer number, installed base, status, etc. are downloaded to the Field Service Technician’s device based on the Assignment of the Order to the technician

  • The technician can then record all the activities for maintaining the Order like time confirmation, travel expenses recording, issuing material to the order, etc. on the mobile device.

  • All recorded data is captured offline. This data is then synced back to SAP when the device is back online.

  • The Field Service Engineer (FSE) can scan a bar code to query on material SKU.

  • The App creates a Customer Activity Report in a pdf format on the mobile device.


  • This App notifies the technician upon assignment of order to Field Service Engineer.

  • The FSE can then accept the assignment, which triggers an update in SAP

Field Service Engineer Bin

  • This App displays the available stock quantity of consumable stock assigned to the Field service Engineer.

  • The stock data is downloaded to the device when the device is online.  If the device is offline, stock data is stored in offline mode.

  • When the device is back online, data capture in offline mode is synced back to SAP

Resource Planning Application

  • This App displays the FSE’s schedule in a calendar to help manage their workload efficiently.

  • The app facilitates users to create out-of-office events and end-of-day event which is a mandatory legal requirement in some European countries

Closed Field Service Orders

  • This App is a scaled down version of the Field Service Order app to display the details of closed Service orders

  • This is a display only app and the users cannot make any updates to the data

RMA Creation

  • The RMA app displays the inventory of defective parts and service parts currently with the user

  • The user can create an RMA for defective parts that were taken out from the equipment and ship them to the labs for follow on analysis.

  • The app also helps initiate transfer of excessive parts to a warehouse or to other Field Service Engineers.

  • Barcode scanning is enabled to scan parts and shipping labels thus eliminating the need for manual input.

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