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Consumer Durables Manufacturer

Mobility project on SAP CRM

Our Customer is a leading global appliance company. They sell more than 60 million household and professional products in more than 150 markets every year through their brands.

Roll out Sites : 12

No of Fiori Apps : 5         

SAP System : SAP CRM with SAP Gateway

No of Pilot Users : 50     

Devices : iPhones & iPads

Application : SAP Fiori

Project Background


Our Customer is a leading global appliance company. Our Customer sells more than 60 million household and professional products in more than 150 markets every year. Their products include refrigerators, dishwashers, washing machines, cookers, vacuum cleaners, air conditioners and small domestic appliances.

Our Customer initiated a mobility project powered by SAPUI5/Neptune software for their branded Field Service Operations in USA. The project was initially rolled out to 5 sites and 60 mobile users and expanded to a total of 12 sites and 150+ mobile users. The web versions of the applications are used by another 200 users.

CRM Work Order Management 

  • The Work Order Management app is the core to our customer's Branded Field Service operations.

  • This app displays complete details of a Field Technician’s schedule for the current day, the customer’s details and the details of the service/work order

  • A field service manager can use this app to see the schedule of all the technicians reporting to him and the real-time status of all the jobs in the schedule

  • This app is built with complete offline capabilities, so the users never have to worry about poor device connectivity. The app is intelligent to work in both offline and online modes depending on the status of the device connectivity

  • The app is built to use the power of native device capabilities such as camera, phone, GPS/maps, scanning

  • A secure credit card transaction processing is also built into the app using Chase bank’s iFrame solution, enabling the technicians to collect payments from customers. This solution is highly secure thus eliminating potential security breaches.

Inventory Management 

  • Every field technician is assigned a Truck with stock for 600 plus service and spare parts

  • The Inventory Management app is built to help the technicians manage their truck inventory very efficiently

  • The app provides all necessary information on current stock levels, information on incoming parts and provides status on ordered parts

  • Technicians can initiate stock transfers from their trucks to other trucks or warehouses as necessary. They can place an order for new parts using this App.

Back Office Review

  • This app provides all necessary details of completed work orders with the status “pending to be reviewed and closed”.

  • The app provides technicians options to review billing history and to initiate billing corrections in case of incorrect or incomplete billing. It allows technicians to collect /refund payments and transmit revised receipts to customers in pdf format.

Work Order Search 

  • This app is used to query and display Work Orders in the system. A list of Work orders matching the search criteria is displayed. This app allows drill down from order summary into order detail.

  • The app is designed to query work orders using a comprehensive set of criteria.  It is primarily used by management and back office to search Work orders.

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